Elana Segal's Music Studio

My Music Staff Features

  Sunday, December 10, 2023 by Elana Segal | Music Lessons

Getting started with My Music Staff:

  1. Setup your portal. Each student/parent will have access to a personal MMS Portal to view lesson assignments, reschedule lessons, track progress and more.
  2. Sync the lesson schedule to your preferred calendar. Go to "Calendar" » "Options" » "Sync Calendar". 
  3. Setup lesson reminders via email or text message through “Profile Settings” in your portal.
  4. Attendance and lesson notes will be taken at the end of each lesson and will be available for view in the student/parent lesson portal.
  5. If you need to cancel/reschedule a lesson, visit the calendar. Find the lesson you wish to cancel. Click the lesson, then “cancel lesson”. MMS will issue you a “makeup credit”. You can then pick any open lesson spot to reschedule your lesson. 

What to Expect from Private Music Lessons

  Sunday, June 18, 2023 by Elana Segal | Music Lessons

If you are new to music lessons, here are general expectations for the six months of lessons:

What to expect in your first  lesson:
  1. Learn the parts of the your instrument
  2. Learn to assemble and care for your instrument
  3. Learn to read music notation, including rhythms and pitches
  4. Create a sound on your instrument

What  to expect in your first month of lessons:
  1. Continue to learn music notation
  2. Create more sounds (pitches) on your instrument
  3. Play with great posture and embouchure
  4. Play simple songs and exercises from your method books

What  to expect from 6 months of lessons:
  1. Expand the range of notes (pitches) you can play
  2. Incorporate dynamics (loud/soft sounds) into your music
  3. Learn songs with more complex rhythms 
  4. Have a daily practice routine of warmups, scales, technical exercises and songs 

What  to expect for transfer students:
Transfer students are students switching from another private teacher. 
  1. Evaluation of current skills
  2. Discuss goals for lessons
  3. Review materials, scales, repertoire, etc.
  4. Create a plan for future lessons moving forward

I would love to hear from you! What are your questions about private music lessons? 

Recital Preparation Tips

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 by Elana Segal | Music Lessons

How to prepare for an upcoming performance:

  • Run through your recital piece(s) everyday
  • Spot check difficult sections of your piece(s)
  • Practice your piece slowly, 50% of the goal tempo
  • Practice with a backing track if applicable
  • Practice standing up and in your recital clothes
  • Record yourself and listen back
  • Perform for your family/friends
  • Listen to professional recordings of your piece 
  • Research the composer of your piece 

Day of reminders:

  • Day of warmup - long tones, articulation, tune
  • Keep extra reeds, mouthpiece cap, cleaning swab and other accessories with you
  • Bring a water bottle, it's important to stay hydrated!
  • Bring your sheet music! 
  • A music stand and accompaniment will be provided

Performance Order/Introduction:

  1. Introduce yourself : "My name is _______, I will be performing _______ by ______."
  2. Perform your piece!
  3. Bow, take your music and return to your seat