Elana Segal's Music Studio

Do you want to excel in your school music program?
Looking for personalized, individual music instruction?
Are you struggling to produce a great sound on your instrument?
Is there an audition, competition or other goal you have in mind?

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About the studio:

  • Music lesson curriculum is tailored for each student, with a strong focus on music literacy and music theory.
  • Students are assigned material to practice between lessons. Regular practice is expected.
  • My Music Staff is used to track assignments and student progress.
  • Lessons are offered on Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone and piano

What to expect in your first lesson:

  1. Learn the parts of the your instrument
  2. Learn to assemble and care for your instrument
  3. Learn to read music notation, including rhythms and pitches
  4. Create a sound on your instrument

What to expect in a regular weekly lesson:
  1. Warmup - long tones, music theory and review of last week's assignments
  2. Scales - covering major and minor scales with various articulation and rhythm patterns
  3. Technique - introduce new concepts/review with etude and method books
  4. Repertoire - study classical and comical solos (pop, rock, jazz, and film music)

I am the right teacher for you if you want to:

  1. Learn music fundamentals such as: notation, theory & history
  2. Study classical, pop and other genres of music 
  3. Focus on audition, recital and competition preparation